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Friends, family, fellow citizens—we waste too much food. In the United States, approximately 62.5 million tons of food are lost annually, the equivalent of 28% of agricultural land and accounts for roughly 8% of total greenhouse gas emissions. Put in other terms, that’s 40% of all food grown and never eaten.  Consider ordering 5 boxes Read More

5 Ways YOU Should Celebrate Word Vegan Day!

It’s November 1st! You know what THAT means?! Its WORLD VEGAN DAY! Although we aren’t able to Celebrate World Vegan day in the ways we normally would due to COVID-19, we still want to honor arguable the best holiday of the year (fight me if you think Halloween is better than world vegan day). New Read More

11 Best Vegan Appetizers and Snacks

Whether you’re a vegan or not, we all know how hard it may be to find AMAZING vegan snacks. Look no further, here are the best vegan snacks and appetizers for any occasion! Let me tell you, as much as we vegans love our veggies we are tired of only being able to eat carrots Read More

Battle of The Plant-Based Burgers!

GTFO It’s Vegan is hosting the battle to end all food battles, it’s the BATTLE OF THE PLANT BASED BURGER. This month, YOU, the customer, get to make your vote on which Plant-Based Burger is the best! Vote and you’ll get 10% off your next GTFO It’s Vegan purchase and entry for a $250 gift Read More

5 Reasons why you should really GTFO and Go Vegan

5 more uncommon reasons why you should consider living a vegan lifestyle! Read More

Featured In OC Business Journal by Jossie Yount

An online marketplace for vegan foods recently unveiled its platform, called GTFO It’s Vegan. The company, incorporated as GreatFoods It’s Vegan LLC, with an office at Newport Center, sources and offers more than 600 food products from mom-and-pop shops and small businesses. It’s headed by acting Chief Executive Marc Pierce, a technology entrepreneur who founded Read More

A Little About GTFO It’s Vegan

It can be easy to assume that vegan foods can’t live up to the taste of meat-based products, or even the standards of vegetarianism (having dairy products and eggs for instance). For many years, it had been difficult to find high-quality vegan food that you want to eat over and over again. But worry no Read More