5 Ways YOU Should Celebrate Word Vegan Day!

It’s November 1st! You know what THAT means?! Its WORLD VEGAN DAY!

Although we aren’t able to Celebrate World Vegan day in the ways we normally would due to COVID-19, we still want to honor arguable the best holiday of the year (fight me if you think Halloween is better than world vegan day).

New to World Vegan Day? Don’t worry, we got you.

World Vegan Day kicks off a month long celebration where vegans and “veganish” all over the world take time to recognize how far the vegan movement has come, reflect on our successes, and give thanks to how accessible and beneficial a vegan lifestyle is.

Generally celebrated with conferences in Istanbul, Festivals in Mumbai, Animal Rights marches in Boston, and more – we wanted to give you a few COVID friendly ways to celebrate this year

1. Clean up a park with some friends and family!

What better way to celebrate a sustainable lifestyle than cleaning up the beautiful world you’re working to sustain! It doesn’t take much effort, just grab a buddy, get some fresh oxygen and head to your nearest park or beach!

Don’t forget your reusable trash bags!

2. Support a sustainable brand

Supporting brands that are working towards sustainability and do their effort to keeping this earth green is a great way to celebrate World Vegan Day! Let’s show the world what we Vegans are capable of!

3. Foster or adopt an animal!

Always had a heart for animals? Talk about fostering or adopting an animal without a home into yours today! We know it’s a big decision, but so many can attest how much joy and light animals bring into our lives. It’s the least we can do by bringing some kindness into theirs!

4. Make your favorite vegan dish!

Making your favorite vegan dish with your family can be the perfect way to gather in the kitchen to remind or teach your family how important a healthy and sustainable lifestyle is.

Show them how delicious a healthy lifestyle can be!

5. Try separating recyclable materials from non-recyclable materials

Never tried separating recyclables from non-recyclables? Todays a great day to start! We recommend setting up signs over your trash cans to help everyone in your household learn which is which.

Have little ones? Make it into a game! See who can get the most points by recycling the most amount of recyclable materials. One point for a correct recyclable, minus one point for an incorrect recyclable.

Winner doesn’t have to do the dishes for a week!

If you really wanna get creative, here are 5 extra ways to celebrate! (these are some of our favorites)

6. Donate to vegan non-profits!

Take some time today and research some vegan non-profits and the amazing things they’re doing! Set aside a few bucks to donate to one you find that you resonate with the most!

7. Visit an animal sanctuary!

Animal sanctuary’s are great places to go celebrate the lives of animals. Many sanctuary’s rely on the rehabilitation of injured animals, animals that are threatened by poachers, or animals that were raised in captivity and therefore do not have the social skills to enter an organic habitat.

Make sure to check out the sanctuary you plan on attending online before appearing in person, ensure they are really for the benefit of the animals!

6. Go a whole day without using plastic products

This one may be harder than you think… almost everything we use on a daily basis is packaged in some sort of plastic.

Try to go a whole day without using anything that contains plastic or isn’t packaged in plastic. It’ll really change your perspective on how much we rely on such an unsustainable medium.

7. Plant a tree!

When Walt Disney bought the land for the Disneyland Resort, the farm owner had one simple request upon selling his land – that Walt keep the tree that the farmers father planted for his mother.

How amazing would it be if you and your family could have a tree like that?! A tree to last generations! To watch grow! To outlive and carry on your family traditions!

Not only will you get a cool story for generations to come, but you will also help feed the earth the oxygen it needs!

Win-win in my opinion.

8. Start composting! Already compost? Offer to help a neighbor start!

I think we can all attest to how much food we waste each month! Nothing is worse than looking at the food on your plate go down the trash and think about the money that wasn’t well spent. Instead, try composting!

You’ll never have to buy soil for your garden ever again! Not only that but its a great science lesson for the little ones.

9. Carpool or try to go a day just biking and walking everywhere you need to go!

Go a whole day without driving your car. The less you drive your car, the less amount of emissions that are put into the air each day. Try biking and walking everywhere you go.

Need to get somewhere far? Carpool with a friend!

10. Switch to a reusable water bottle for good!

Reusable water bottles are LIFE CHANGING. I bring my reusable bottle wherever I go. It carries so much water, ice and any other temperature regulated liquids one would like to keep!

Phone, wallet, keys, REUSABLE WATER BOTTLE!