Shipping Explained: Terms and Guarantees

Shipping Classes

First thank you for shopping on GTFO It’s Vegan. We are extremely grateful for your business.

Every product on the site is labeled with either a COLD SHIPPER or SHELF STABLE label. You can find this on the product page on top of the product title.

This indicates that the product must be sent in one of our COLD SHIPPERS via 1 or 2 day shipping (either air or ground, depending on where you are in U.S.) The COLD SHIPPER includes a recyclable corrugated box, recyclable liner, and coolant (including dry ice and/or recyclable gel packs. If any product within your order has this label, the entire order must be sent via a COLD SHIPPER. We cannot split up orders. We recently increased our pricing per cold shipper to $7.99 from $6.99 given the increased cost of shipping materials (boxes, liners, dry ice). We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

This indicates that the product can be sent with the less expensive ground shipping option and can take 1-5 days to arrive, depending on where you are in the U.S. Every product in your order must have SHELF STABLE tag for it to be shipped via ground shipping.

Shipping Costs

Currently, GTFO It’s Vegan’s first Fulfillment Center is in Southern California.

As explained above, if any item within your order has the COLD SHIPPER label, it must arrive within 2-days. We have thoroughly tested our cold shippers and cannot guarantee items will arrive at the required temperature if it takes more than 2 days to arrive. We also WILL NOT use Styrofoam shippers given the negative impact on the environment, even though these can last more than 2 days. This is why we eliminated the 3-day ground and air shipping option.

Given the location of our warehouse, we only have a 1 or 2 day UPS ground shipping option for customers located in California, and parts of Utah, Nevada, and Arizona. For anyone living outside these areas, we must use UPS 1 or 2 day air.

We understand Shipping is expensive. Shipping costs are based on the weight, box size, and number of items in your package. Since the start of COVID, UPS raised all of their rates and have yet to reduce them to pre-COVID levels. And the current increase in fuel prices has made shipping even more expensive. We make NO MONEY on what you pay for shipping! In fact, we lose money, as we subsidize what you pay to make it somewhat more affordable to you.

Also as explained above, you can opt for less expensive Ground Shipping if all of the items in your cart are labeled with SHELF STABLE.

Per the top of the site, we have a a coupon for FIRST TIME CUSTOMERS to help reduce the cost of your first order.

Use FREEGROCERIES$10 On Orders > $40

For current customers, we strongly encourage you to purchase one of our Saver Memberships which will give you 10% lower pricing on all items. You will find this ofter can offset some or all of your shipping costs.

And as we continue to grow, we hope to negotiate better and better rates with UPS.  Also, we will be opening our Midwest fulfillment center soon which should also help reduce shipping rates by enabling us to use ground shipping to reach most destination.

Shipping Time Frames

We require up to 24-36 hours to process your order. We only ship MON-THU each week. Any 2-Day Air packages can only be only shipped on MON-WED each week.

We make every effort to ship on your REQUESTED ship date, but we CANNOT guarantee your package will always ship on this date. Once shipped your package will arrive in the number of days specified in the shipping option you choose.

As explained above, our Cold Shippers are designed to last up to 48 hours. Given our carriers sometimes mishandle packages, some items may thaw during transport. Please note, as all products are plant-based, as long as your shipment arrives cool, items can be re-frozen or refrigerated as appropriate.

We also do not label our boxes with “perishable” tags, as we have found carriers sometimes mistreat packages with these labels. It is the responsibility of the customer to retrieve and properly store your package immediately upon arrival.

No refunds or credits will be offered for spoilage if items arrive within the promised delivery window.


We have added PACKAGE PROTECTION FROM SHIPAID™️ at a nominal cost. Shipment carriers cannot always guarantee your order will arrive at your doorstep safely. Things happen! This provides protection against spoilage, loss, damage or theft.

The cost to you is only 1.5% of the cart value to fully protect your package. Given the number of issues we have had recently with our carriers, we have made this cost mandatory. We apologize for any inconvenience, but trust us, this is the best investment you will ever make in securing your order.

In the event you file a claim for a damaged, lost, spoiled, or stolen package that is approved, GTFO It’s Vegan will provide you a STORE CREDIT for the value of the claim. Please allow up to 7 days for the claim to be processed.

If you encounter an issue, simply reach out to and we will handle your claim. Please know, the claim filing and handling process may take a few days, so please be patient.