A Little About GTFO It’s Vegan

It can be easy to assume that vegan foods can’t live up to the taste of meat-based products, or even the standards of vegetarianism (having dairy products and eggs for instance). For many years, it had been difficult to find high-quality vegan food that you want to eat over and over again. But worry no more. As a society, we’ve moved beyond making people question if margarine is butter. Through our company, we want to rebuild the food industry with delicious, healthy meals with no animal-based products whatsoever.

GTFO , It’s Vegan! is an upstart vegan food store filled with only the best, curated meals available. Now you can get started on the path towards a more health-conscious and animal-friendlylifestyle without sacrificing the taste. In addition to the fruits, vegetables and grains that we distribute, we also carry a number of prepared foods such as frozen vegan shrimp.

Our foods ship out fast, and we will deliver any of the goodies you order within 48-72 hours. Craft a perfect meal at home or prepare a new dish to sell in a restaurant with the wide array of products we have at our disposal. For example, you can use Sophie’s Kitchen’s Breaded Vegan Shrimp, pan-fry it in Miyoko’s vegan butter and serve it with zucchini noodles and tomato sauce to make a delicious and nutritious meal that doesn’t skimp out on quality.

We understand the growing pains of starting a vegan lifestyle. For a long time, veganism was looked down upon by the general public, being viewed as a miserable experience on the tastebuds and stomach. It was viewed as an even harder version of vegetarianism, which could at least include eggs and dairy to supplement how bland these imitation foods could be. Now, thanks to services like ours, you are able to find dishes from around the world that taste good and are cruelty free.

This isn’t just an appeal to start grocery shopping somewhere else. It’s the start of a movement to start a new age for this type of lifestyle. Much of the world’s pollution comes from the production of animal­ based products, with farms and slaughterhouses emitting harmful gases into the environment. GTFO, It’s Vegan! wants to create a more sustainable ecosystem for the world to carry on in the years ahead, and not look back.

Launching in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we felt like now was the perfect time to get started because many lifestyle changes happen in the home. You’re able to experiment with our tasty foods to create the perfect post-run meal or a healthy dinner for a whole family.

If you’re interested in any of the products GTFO, It’s Vegan! offers, you can get started on filling your cart. We’re looking forward to changing the world one dish at a time.