11 Best Vegan Appetizers and Snacks

Whether you’re a vegan or not, we all know how hard it may be to find AMAZING vegan snacks. Look no further, here are the best vegan snacks and appetizers for any occasion!

Let me tell you, as much as we vegans love our veggies we are tired of only being able to eat carrots and celery at gatherings! Here is a list of great vegan food options for your next Bachelorette viewing party or game day extravaganza.

These best vegan appetizers are so good that not even your non-vegan friends will be able to tell the difference.

1. Vegan Chipotle Queso with Chipotle Bean Dip & Lime Tortilla Chips

You can have your queso and eat it too! The Uncreamery has amazing vegan chipotle queso and let me tell ya, with a kick that’ll excite any guest it’s definitely nacho mama’s queso.
Take it a step further and make it a layered dip by adding Chipotle Bean Dip by Earth Co.
Paired with Late July’s Sea Salt & Lime Tortilla Chips and you have yourself an appetizer no one can resist.

vegan chipotle nacho cheese dip with vegan lime chips

Late July’s Sea Salt & Lime No Grain Tortilla Chips with Nacho Mama’s Queso by The Uncreamery and Organic Bean Dip with Chipotle by Earth Co. Organics

2. Vegan Tzatiki Dip, Smoked Spices Dip, Hummus, and Pita Chips

Something lighter?
A Mediterranean platter is perfect. Grab Pita, Carrots, Cucumber, Celery, Cherry Tomatoes, Peppers and pair with vegan Hummus and Tzatiki dips.
Want to add something with a little kick? Fabalish’s Smoked Spices dip will give the platter the spice that will have your guests raving.

vegan smoked spices dip and sauce, vegan keto-cauliflower hummus, and an assortment of greens with vegan tzatiki sauce

Fabalish Smoked Spicies Sauce and Dip, Lilly’s veto-cauliflower hummus and Vegan Tzatiki Dip

3. Quinoa and Kale Jalapeño & Cheese Puffs

Corn Puffs are an easy snack for any occasion. All you’ve gotta do it pop open the bag, put em in a large bowl and let them sell themselves.

quinoa and kale corn puff bag

Eat Real’s Quinoa and Kale Jalapeño and Cheese Corn Puffs

4. Vegan Tuna Dill Dip

Dilly dilly seasoning is the perfect add for any dish. With it you could make a plethora of dishes. Our favorite recipe is mixing KiteHill’s cream cheese and Jinka’s lemon vegan tuna spread. You could also mix Dilly Dilly with vegan sour cream, vegan mayo, or another dip cut with the previous mixes. Pair with some of your favorite crackers!

handmade vegan tuna dill dip with crackers

Dilly dilly seasoning, KiteHill cream cheese or avocado mayo by Chosen Foods, Jinka lemon vegan tuna spread

4. Bean Baaz Bites

Want something that will wow guests?
Try Persian Cuisine!
These Bean Baaz Bites are easy to make and so delicious they’d impress any guest. Absolutely near the top our list of best vegan appetizers.

Persian cuisine bean baaz bites cups

Bean Baaz by Baaz Bites

6. Vegan Bbq Nuggets

Wings are an appetizer staple for any gathering, and these alternative bbq nuggets may be even better than your average wing.
Bake nuggets for 20 minutes and then mix the crispy vegan nuggets in a plastic Ziploc bag with your choice of your favorite bbq sauce. We suggest Hoff’s Original Bbq Sauce or Hoff’s Award Winning Louisiana Style Sauce.

vegan and gluten free bbq chicken nuggets

Hoff’s Origina Molassas Based BBQ Sauce, or Hoffs Award winning louisiana style hot sauce and Morning Star’s Chicken Nuggets

7. French onion dip and chips

French Onion Dip Fan?
We got you.
Kitehill’s french onion dip is to die for! Simple and ready to go.

vegan french onion dip

Kite Hill french onion dip and Late July Tortilla Chips

8. Pizza Bagels

Vegan pizza bagels will give you all the throwback middle school snack vibes, and Rachel’s Pizza Bagels are the BOMB. Yummy and easy to make?
Sign us up.

vegan pizza bagel bites

Rachel’s Pizza Bagels

9. Vegan Charcuterie Board

Vegan Charcuterie Boards are a thing?!
And let us be the ones to tell you, there are so many great options here
Vegan Artisan Blue Cheese
Veggie Salami by Yves
Vegan Smoked Gouda
Brie Cheese
– Your favorite vegan jam!

vegan charcuterie board with blue cheese block, a pear, and some grapes

Artisan Blue Cheese by Virgin Cheese

10. BBQ Chips

What better way to end this article than with a party staple, bbq chips.
Full of Chips have a delicious vegan alternative to traditional bbq chips, without sacrificing the flavor.

bbq chip bag, full of chips

Barbecue Full of Chips