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Meat Detection Test Strips by Amikno

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Animal Product Detection Test

Amikno is a user-friendly test designed to detect meat and animal by-products. Verify foods, beverages, and products are animal-free within 30 seconds. Making food testing easy, accessible, and normalized.





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Are you a vegan who constantly asks yourself, “Is it meat?” when trying out new products? Look no further than Amikno!

This groundbreaking product is perfect for vegans, plant-based consumers, and animal lovers alike, and it’s made right here in the USA with vegan-friendly ingredients and eco-friendly packaging.

Amikno is a user-friendly test that detects meat and animal by-products within 30 seconds. The test strips are highly sensitive and will react when they come in contact with animal protein, animal grease, gelatin, rennet, and other animal-derived ingredients. By using a color-coded scale, Amikno helps you maintain your vegan diet, prevent allergic reactions, and avoid cross-contamination.

Simply place an Amikno strip against the surface of your food, beverage, or even your personal care products like lotion, body wash, and shampoo. The strip changes color to indicate the presence of dairy, meat, or animal by-products. It’s similar to a pH test but specifically designed to identify organic molecules found only in animals.

  • Test at restaurants
  • Test vegan-labeled food and beverages
  • Test for cross-contamination of meat
  • Test the products you use for animal by-products (skincare, cosmetics, hair)
  • Test when traveling to make sure food and beverages meet dietary needs
  • Test anywhere in 30 seconds or less for meat and animal by-products

Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to peace of mind with Amikno.



How it works:

1.Immerse or swipe the test strip into or over the food, beverage, or product for a duration of 3 seconds.

2. After a wait time of 30 seconds, compare the results on the test strip with the provided color identification scale.

3. Based on the results, either proceed with confidence or dispose of the item if the results are not as desired.

-Yellow test result- no animal products have been detected.

+Green or +Blue test result- animal products have been detected.

✓ Maintain Vegan Diet

✓ Prevent Allergic Reactions (alpha-gal syndrome, meat allergens)

✓ Test For Cross-contamination of animal products

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