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Mung Bean Protein Powder by Green Boy


1 Ingredient | Vegan | Soy free | Non-GMO | Gluten free | Sugar free

Made from one ingredient only it can be used to boost the protein content of your soups, stews, baked goods and smoothies. Cook it. Bake it. Mix it. Shake it.


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Our Green Boy Mung Bean protein powder is soy free, gluten free, non-GMO, and made from Mung Beans only.
Yes, ONE ingredient only – No Sugar, No Gums, No Natural Flavours added. This gives the powder a neutral flavour which allows you to integrate it in every single meal of your day. From shakes to smoothies and soups and sauces to pancakes, cakes and bread. Cook it, Shake it, Mix it, Bake it.

  • Vegan | No soy | No GMOs | No Gluten
  • 26 grams of protein per serving
  • 14 servings per container
  • Great for sensitive stomaches and people with food allergies
  • Great for digestion and managing appetite
  • Good for controlling blood sugar due to its low glycemic index (GI).
  • Can help fight chronic diseases.

Mung Bean



Allergen Free


Protein as an ingredient

When used incorrectly, protein powders can result in gritty, dry and weirdly tasting dishes. With a few simple tips and tricks anyone can make protein work as an ingredient. What makes Green Boy Protein different from conventional protein powders, is that our products are not a blend of chemically sounding ingredients but made of one single ingredient only which makes it so much easier to implement in everyday cooking and baking. Generally, all our proteins can be used in the applications listed below, however, you might find the result to be slightly different depending on which protein you used.


To all smoothie fans out there, simply mix one scoop (around 30g) of protein powder into your smoothie. Make sure to include enough fruit and liquid to create a creamy texture.
Pro-tip: to avoid any gritty texture make sure to use a creamy base like almond or coconut milk, ingredients with a smooth texture such as bananas or avocados and blend thoroughly to bind the protein to the liquids.

Cakes & Bread

To add protein to any of your bread and cake recipes we recommend substituting at a ratio of 1/3 cup of Green Boy Protein per 1 cup of flour. For the best result we replace 1/3 of the total flour quantity of the recipe with 1/9 of the total flour quantity. So in a recipe with 3 cups of flour, we would use: 2 cup of flour + 1/3 cup of protein.


Add a scoop of protein powder to your oatmeal mix before you put it in the microwave or while on the stove. Make sure to add it early on to give the mixture enough time to bind and transform any grittiness into a smooth, mushy texture.

Stews, Soups & Sauces

Plant-based protein powder can not only be used in your favourite sweet treats but work extremely well to bind sauces soups & stews. They can be used similarly to a starch binding agent such as potato starch. Simply mix one tbsp (dependant on the amount of liquid) of Green Boy Protein with a little bit of your liquid to dissolve it in, and add it to your slightly too thin sauce, soup or stew and create a creamy texture while adding extra proteins.


Here are some general tips before we get started with applications.

• As a rule of thumb only use 1/3 cup protein powder as a replacement for 1 cup of flour

• Lower your oven temperature by 25 degrees when baking with protein powder

• Do not overcook! Depending on how much you use, protein powders will not always act like flour or other dry ingredients. The traditional toothpick test may not work for some recipes as the center of some cakes, cupcakes, muffins, and others will always remain gooey.

• Protein powder is very absorbent – Add 1/4– 1/2 cup of “wet” ingredients for every cup of dry – including protein powder.

• Incorporate healthy fat



• 1 cup All purpose flour
• 1/4 cup Green Boy Protein
• 2 tbsp Baking powder
• 1/4 tsp Salt
• 1 1/2 cup Almond milk

Mix all ingredients Cook Pancakes



• 1 cup Plant-based milk
• 1/2 cup Plant-based yogurt
• 1 tbsp Green Boy Protein
• 3 Strawberries
• Handful of blue berries Green Boy Protein (We used Mung Bean Protein)
• 1 Banana
• Small piece of ginger / lemon juice

Blend all ingredients and enjoy.

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