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Hempress Hygienics  SKU DP-DSHIP

Hemp Day Period Pads by Hempress Hygienics


Try our vegan-certified hemp day pads: organic cotton & pesticide-free hemp for optimal absorption, unmatched retention, added security. Biodegradable & eco-friendly.


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Sold By: Hempress Hygienics

Introducing Hemp Day Pads: eco-friendly freshness with organic cotton and pesticide-free hemp. Soft, thin, and light for optimal absorption and comfort. 100% hemp-based, biodegradable, antibacterial. Embrace a natural solution for sensitive skin.

  • Sustainable freshness
  • Skin-friendly
  • Enhanced leak protection

Core Layers: Pesticide Free Hemp Fiber & Organic Cotton blend
Top Sheet: 100% Organic Cotton
BackSheet: Compostable PLA
Wrapper: Compostable PLA

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