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I N T R O D U C I N G ,
A beauty brand created by Asian American sisters
Elin and Anh-Thu Dannerstedt. We’re dedicated
to creating cruelty free, clean, and vegan prod-
ucts that make you feel and look your best. With
a focus on quality, scent, color, and packaging,
NCLA Beauty has taken the industry by storm.
Our mission is to create 'OMG' moments — from
the second you open up our packaging, you’re
transported to a world of pure indulgence. Our
products are carefully crafted with the finest
ingredients, ensuring a luxurious experience
with every use.
Since our launch of natural self care beauty
products, NCLA Beauty has experienced
explosive growth. Our recognizable and
beautiful packaging has become a hallmark of
the brand, making products stand out on shelves,
both visually and by our iconic scents.
If you're looking for a brand that combines clean
beauty, quality, scent, color, and design in one
irresistible package, then come along!

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