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Vegan Hot Ones 3 Pack by Torchbearer Sauces


Vegan Hot Ones 3 pack Ghost Pepper and Carolina Reaper Pepper Hot Sauces


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Have you ever watched YouTube’s Hot Ones! and thought, “Hey, I can do that!”? Well here’s you’re chance to put your spice tolerance to the test. These 3 vegan sauces are sure to wow your palette as they bring the heat without a sacrifice in flavor.

Garlic Reaper – Featured on Season 8 of Hot Ones! Can you handle the heat? Gordon Ramsay sure couldn’t! As our biggest sauce of 2019, the Garlic Reaper is quite the showman. The first ingredient in this hot sauce is Carolina Reaper and the second is garlic. The result; both HEAT and FLAVOR. The Garlic Reaper is unlike anything you’ve ever had, with it’s creamy texture from a rich oil base and just enough savory spices to round out that garlic.  Some would say it’s the best pizza sauce EVER but we also love it on burritos or as a pasta sauce. It can even make a great marinade or sandwich topper for those who can handle it. Order a bottle (or case!) of the Garlic Reaper. We promise you will not regret it.

Headless Horseradish- Featured on Season 10 of Hot Ones! Using the unbelievably delicious Smokey Horseradish sauce as a base, this sauce brings on the flavor and then turns the heat up! Just a quick peek at the ingredients list will show Ghost Peppers as the first ingredient so, as usual, you know we aren’t messing around. Be careful not to lose your head after slathering your seafood, beef, sandwiches, and whatever else you love with this delicious concoction. And don’t forget to check out season 10 of Hot Ones to see quite a few big names try this out.

Zombie Apocalypse- Featured on Seasons 3 & 4 of Hot Ones! Wait, hold on, it’s not the end to humanity stumbling towards us with the singular goal of eating our brains, it’s a TorchBearer who just taste-tested the latest batch of Zombie Apocalypse. Our original super hot sauce is packed with fresh bhut jalokia peppers (better known as the ghost pepper) for an intense, life-altering heat. But what really sets this sauce apart from other extreme hot sauces is the immense flavor. Other’s make hot for the sake of hot, filling their bottles with bitter extracts and offensive amounts of vinegar to do nothing more than burn you. We here at TorchBearer love to burn as well but what’s the point if there’s no flavor? All you hot heads out there will appreciate the heat and be wowed by how delicious it still is. It’s great on everything you love to eat as long as you want an intense burn along with it. Heck, it might even be good on brains.


Headless Horseradish: Horseradish, Ghost Chili Pepper, Garlic, Canola Oil, Water, Chipotle peppers, lemon juice, distilled white vinegar, Dijon mustard, horseradish powder, salt, chili powder, black pepper

Zombie Apocalypse: Bhut Jolokia Peppers, habanero peppers, carrots, mandarin oranges, tomatoes, garlic, distilled white vinegar, vegetable oil, sugar, chili powder, salt and pepper

Garlic Reaper: Carolina Reaper pepper, garlic, canola oil, water, distilled white vinegar, lime juice, granulated garlic, mustard powder, chili powder, salt


garlic reaperheadless horseradishzombie apocalypse

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