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Scobucha  SKU 726754732683-DSHIP

Scobucha – Sweet & Sour Pickle Vegetable with a Kick by Zesty Fusion (2x16oz)


Artisan handcrafted in small batches, vegan with a sweet and sour taste, crunch and a spicy kick that feels like eating as it is or you can use your imagination and pair with you favorite dish, it will enhance the food taste.


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Sold By: Zesty Fusion, LLC

Kimchi Sweet & Sour Pickle Cabbage with a Kick – Kimchi, a traditional side dish originally from Korea, is made with fresh vegetable cabbage, salt, and sugar.

This is a traditional family recipe with added the Raw Scobucha ( Kombucha made from yeast and bacteria (Scoby)

Vegan, Artisan, Small Batches, Non-GMO.

Package in FDA Pouch 2 x 16oz


Fermented Flat cabbage, Red Peppers, Habanero, Salt and Sugar, Raw Kombucha


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