OddBalls Funguy

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Odd Balls: Adventure Better, Longer with Mushroom Powered Energy Balls

The Hero Your Snack Drawer Deserves

Odd Balls sprouted from a skier / cancer thriver's quest for a snack that's as good for you on the trail as it is for you long after the trail.

After tangling with testicular cancer, Jon Carter, the founder of Odd Balls Funguy, discovered the untapped power of Lion's Mane and Cordyceps mushroom extracts, blending them into a snack that powers both body and spirit. Each Organic Energy Ball is a testament to taste and health, packing focus, energy, and immunity support into every bite—without the earthy mushroom flavor.

Vegan, gluten-free, and crafted with clean, organic ingredients-you-can-pronounce, Odd Balls are the tasty, guilt-free fuel for life's adventures When Jon's cancer journey showed him the benefits of functional mushrooms, he knew it was time to roll them out to the world.

Join the Odd Balls revolution: where snacking meets purpose as we give back to nonprofits supporting young adults impacted by cancer.

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