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This isn't just any chocolate - it's a little different.
We’re talking 2 grams of sugar and 117 calories per bar, gluten-free and vegan (there are no dairy cows on the moon, duh).

THE FUTURE OF CHOCOLATE: Moon Magic is a delicious everyday treat with just 117 calories for the whole bar.

ONLY 2G SUGAR: We don't use any sugars of any kind. The teeny, tiny amounts come from naturally occurring sugars in the oat milk we use.

NO COWS ON THE MOON: All of our products are vegan.

CHOCOLATE FROM YOUR CHILDHOOD, REIMAGINED: We created mouth-watering chocolate that’s smoother, healthier and just as delicious as the chocolate bars you knew and loved from your childhood.

HIGH-QUALITY INGREDIENTS: We use the highest quality, simple ingredients to create delicious chocolate that’s better for us humans AND planet earth.

ONE BAR = ONE SERVING: It’s true! The serving is the WHOLE bar.

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