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Mmmly Soft & Chewy Cookies are the perfect anytime snack to fuel your day.

At Mmmly, we're on a path to change the way food is made for all, because we believe that the foods we love shouldn't stop at being just good enough: they should be great for us. We offer more than just an indulgent treat - by packing our products with great ingredients, we've developed an anytime snack that fuels your day without ever compromising on great taste. Our first line of products, Mmmly Soft & Chewy Vegan Cookies, come in four decadent, nutrient-balanced recipes that are low in sugar from apples, packed with protein and healthy fats from nuts (our #1 ingredient!), and made with prebiotic fibers that are good for your gut!

"Mmmly was founded through a mission formed by an eating disorder with sugar, and bad food sourced from a broken food system. I loved sweets and snacks but couldn’t find a place for traditional snacking options after I worked on my mental health and formed a healthy relationship with food. Mmmly was born from my journey, learning how to care for myself by providing my body what it needed to thrive. I reframed how I thought about food and after that, decided I needed to embark on a mission to change food for others. - Nicholas Naclerio, Founder & CEO"


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