Clean South

“Since 2015, Clean South has been making fresh, small-batch Vegan Chicken Wings using the highest quality non-gmo ingredients and scratch-made sauces. As the first and only fully cooked and ready to eat Vegan Wing on the market, enjoying cruelty-free protein has never been so convenient or delicious. Clean South Wings make a fun and filling appetizer, but also can be used in all kinds of quick recipes, from salads, tacos, wraps and sandwiches, to nachos, stir-frys, rice bowls and pizza. Our high-protein seitan is made in Los Angeles by an independent, family-owned business with the mission to create the tastiest, most satisfying convenient vegan comfort food that brings humans joy while doing no harm to our world. 


Heat-seekers will crave our bold and spicy Buffalo Wings (7 out of 10 heat level). Our smoky, sweet Honee BBQ Wings are smothered in homemade sauce. The fully cooked high-protein Vegan Wings are prepared for maximum convenience, pre-sauced and ready to enjoy cold right out of the package or by heating in the oven, (air) fryer, or on the grill or panini press in about 10 minutes.”


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