Cien Chiles

Since she was a child in Mexico, Chef Maria has been feeding her passion by cooking for others.
Over time her love became the main ingredient for something bold, spicy, and new – honest fixins that are equal parts innovative & timeless.
Today, our biggest pride is to infuse our authentic background into each meaningful bottle. All with the purpose to connect with people while bringing memories to life.
Centuries before we opened up shop in San Diego, chileshave been a rich and integral part of our Mexican heritage. This wildly diverse fruit has been used in everything from medicine to currency to lozenges and lipsticks. South & Central America gave chiles to the world.

Chiles are who we are.
When we cook with chiles & love, the body releases dopamine. The body’s way of expressing joy.
We love to share our joy with you. Finding freshways to modernize and re-imagine the way a meal can bring people together.

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