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Who We Are…

We are three dads. A group of like-minded friends and fathers who are committed to making nutritious quality snacks that we can be proud to serve our family, and yours. We hope that you love our popcorn's Vegan flavors as much as we do!

What We Believe...

We want to inspire you to make good snack choices every day. We believe that “better-for-you” snacking doesn’t have to be complicated. This is why our superfood snacks are only made from simple ingredients that deliver a balance of proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Our Difference…

Our Superfood Popcorn is popped by air, not oil. Made with organic popcorn and nutritional yeast, our popcorn contains excellent sources of B1, B2, B3, B6, and B12 vitamins. Our popcorn also contains More Protein and Less Fat compared to the leading popcorn brands!

Our Commitment...

We strive to create tasty and healthy snacks for everyone. Our popcorn tastes good, and is good for you. We’re commitment to sourcing only the highest quality organic, vegan and non-GMO ingredients. We provide products we are proud to serve our family, and yours!


***2021 Winner of “Top Healthy Gourmet Snack of the Year”***

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