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Vegan Coal-Roasted Sausage by Lily’s Vegan Pantry


A delicious, convenient and ready in minutes Vegan Sausage!


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Enjoy our delicious Vegan Coal Roasted Sausage with your favorite stir fry vegetables or with any of your favorite side dishes. A tasty meal, ready in minutes!


Soybean Fiber, Soybean Protein, Wheat Protein, Soy Sauce, Mustard Oil, Red Yeast Rice, Salt, Raw Cane Sugar, Maltose, Vegetable Seasoning.



Contains Soy, Wheat, Mustard Oil.


Stir fry seasoning (1/2T water, 1T vegetable cooking oil, 1T sugar, 2/3T soy sauce). Slice two sticks of celery into smaller pieces. Stir fry seasonings with vegetables, and then include the coal roasted sausages into wok. Let it boil again and 1/2T of cornstarch water to thicken. Serve and enjoy!

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