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Sea Salt Caramel Brownie Bites by ALLfree


Sea salt and caramel, a match made in chocolate! These delectable delights are sure to feed any chocolate lover’s craving!


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Individually packed, our Sea salt and caramel brownie bites are the perfect to-go snack for your sweet tooth!


Water, Organic cane sugar, Sunflower oil, Potato starch, Egg substitute (potato flour, sugar, guar gum, sunflower lecithin, sunflower oil, enzyme), Glycerine, Cocoa powder, Whole grain rice flour, Inulin, Cultured brown rice, Brown rice, Cultured rice flour, Cellulose, Natural flavors, Baking soda, Sodium acid pyrophosphate, Sea salt, Xanthan gum.
Toppings: Semi-sweet Chocolate chips (cane sugar, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter), Caramel & Sea Salt (sugar, brown sugar, brown rice syrup, degermed corn grits, potato starch, palm oil*, natural flavor, sea salt, cocoa powder).
*Palm oil sustainably sourced.



Manufactured in a facility that handles, egg, soy and sesame.

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