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Organic Coconut Aminos by Mementa Inc


Memento Inc’s Coconut Aminos can be compared to a soy sauce that is not as salty but with a touch of sweetness. This soy-free seasoning is a great option when looking to give your food plenty of flavor without the high intake of salt and unnecessary ingredients! This will deepen the flavor of your favorite dishes and can also be blended with other ingredients to create a marinade or dressing! The possibilities are endless when it comes to this product.


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Mementa Inc’s Organic Coconut Aminos is made from fermented coconut nectar with sea salt. This product is soy-free so that it can substitute any soybean-based sauces. This savory seasoning can be used as a condiment, cooking sauce, dressing, or even a dip! With the various ways to utilize this product, you will always want it in your kitchen!


Organic coconut nectar, salt, organic garlic, organic onion


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