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NoBeef Crumbles by VeganUs


Our “beef” crumbles are super versatile and add great flavor to any meal. Non-GMO Project Verified, Certified Plant-Based, No Onion or Garlic.


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Plant based crumbles in the way they should be – sizzling in the pan with the aroma to hijack your mind. You can put it in tacos, stuffed in breads, stir fried with green beans or even soups. It is one ingredient that you can put in any dish and it will never cease to amaze. Is it better than all the other plant based beef crumbles in the marketplace? Go ahead, try it and you tell us!

VeganUs NoBeef Crumbles are Non-GMO Project Verified and Certified Plant Based.  It is also free of garlic or onion.

We hope our plant-based food will become your stepping stone towards an increasingly natural, healthy, and wholesome lifestyle.



Textured vegetable protein (isolated soy protein, deffated soy flour, wheat protein, caramel color), water, canola oil, soy sauce, salt, yeast extract, vegan flavor



Contains: Soy, wheat


1. Keep frozen and thaw in refrigerator overnight before cooking.
2.Cook thoroughly before serving. Cooking time may vary depending
on equipment.
3. For quality and safety purposes, use within 10 days of thawing.
Do not refreeze.
4. Skillet: Lightly coat with plant-based oil or use a non-stick pan.
Pan-fry product for approximately 3-5 minutes until browned.
5. Add to your favorite recipes and enjoy!
6. Ready to serve!

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