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Korean BBQ Pork by Atlas Monroe


This will be your new home favorite, perfect for your whole family to enjoy! Mouthwatering BBQ + delicious vegan Pork…need we say more?


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1LB -‘Pork’ has come with a BANG! You already know, we had to do it for you! Introducing our new top favorite!


Water, wheat protein, garlic, onion, vinegar*, soybeans*, spices, salt, peppers*, canola oil, maple syrup*, tomatoes*, sugar*, molasses*, yeast, evaporated cane juice*, natural flavors*, xanthan gum*

*organic ingredients



Contains Wheat and Soy

  1. Thaw
  2. Set pan/grill to medium heat and cook as desired, cooking for 4-6 minutes or until hot, 165F
  3. Enjoy

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