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Essential Oil Diffuser | Polygon, Amber Color | 150ml Capacity | Auto Shut-Off by Shukra


Handcrafted ultrasonic diffuser with an incorporated polygon shaped design. Can be used both as an attractive essential oil diffuser for home or doubles up as a stylish ornament.


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Sold By: Shukra


  • Handcrafted ultrasonic diffuser with an incorporated polygon shaped design. Can be used both as an attractive humidifier or doubles up as a stylish ornament.
  • Add 5-10 drops of your favorite essential oil and fill the 150ml reservoir. Disperses evaporated essential oils into the atmosphere to give a beautiful scented aroma throughout your home.
  • 8 backlit color options. Enjoy a pink color or make it blue if the mood arises. 2 LED modes including continuous and variable.
  • Enjoy continuous misting of around 5-6 hours. Auto shut-off occurs once the water tank is empty making this an ideal scent diffuser to use during the day or night.
  • This aroma diffuser has a unique design, not only is it suitable as an essential oils diffuser for a large room but it also doubles up as a modern ornament.

Improve your mood and enjoy invigorating natural fragrances with the Shukra Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser. This device is simple to operate and perfect for placing in a bedroom or living room to gently distribute diffused scent throughout the day or night. The modern design is uniquely styled to blend in beautifully in a modern home.

To use, simply fill the water reservoir and add 5-10 drops of essential oil to unwind or invigorate the senses. Oils not included.

8 LED Colored Light Options Use the oil diffuser’s optional light feature to create the perfect relaxing atmosphere at night time. With 8 different color choices to match your mood, the diffuser can be used as an illuminated piece of artwork or colorful diffuser for any part of your home.

Up to 6 Hours of Run Time With whisper-quiet operation, this essential oil diffuser offers 5-6 hours of continuous run time for continuous aromatherapy. Safe and simple to use, the unit features an automatic shut off function when the water reservoir runs dry, making it ideal for overnight or daily use.



Capacity: 150ml water reservoir

Input: DC5v

Output Power: 5W

Weight: 1lb 9oz

Dimensions: 5.5″ x 5.5″ x 6.1″

Function: Timing 1hr / 2hr / Continuous / Interval 30 secs

Mist Amount: 20 – 40 ml/hr

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