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Instant Black Assam Tea Powder-4oz by Civilized Coffee


Instant Assam Black Tea Powder for hot or iced tea


Sold By: Civilized Coffee

Black tea extract high-quality loose-leaf tea brewed & spray dried to capture traditional rich flavors. Assam Indian tea delicious rich malty flavors & subtle hints of sweetness with no messy bags or filters. Simplicity & convenience make quick easy hot & iced tea anywhere home, travel, camping or office. Purity made with 100% assam black tea leaves no artificial sweeteners, colors, or additives. Be creative use in assam milk tea, chai, breakfast blends, smoothies & London fogs.

“Made for sipping over Civilized Conversations”

Civilized Coffee (Founded 2017) specializes in Premium Coffee, Instant Coffee & Teas. The warehouse, production & fulfillment facility (20k sqft) is in Jacksonville, Fl. Civilized Coffee’s continued success can be attributed to their innovative product lines.

Coffee is a universal custom, thousands of years old yet always a new and invigorating experience. Someone once called coffee “the favorite drink of the civilized world.” We believe this tradition, borrowed and shared across many cultures, has the power to unite and inspire. We hope our coffees are enjoyed over civilized conversations between friends both dear and different, all over the world.


100% Assam Tea


Add 1/4 tsp to 6-8 oz of water

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